Monday, 7 September 2015

Save to Travel

The key to any trip is being smart with your money – and that starts even before you hit the road. It’s important to know how to save and plan for your trip so you don’t find yourself running out of money on the road. (There are even ways earn free airfare and accommodation.) Here are proven ways to save and be smart with your money so you can have a travel fund,travel as often as you want, and do all the things you’ve dreamed about doing.
Keep piggy bank:
It might sound childish , but the urge to save more become more intense when you see your money growing or adding up. The closer you are to your goal, more pains you take to complete it sooner

Kill the cable TV :
You’ll be surprised on how fast your savings add up without cable TV. Plus, there are plenty of free and cheap ways to get your entertainment. Netflix is cheaper than cable. Books are cheaper than movies.

Plan your trip in advance:
Planning in advance can cut a major part of your cost by availing low fares on flight and great deals on hotels. 

Take public transport: 
Comfort is good. But when you take that extra step to save the hard earned money for your vacation, it even adds a inner joy to your vacation. Rather that opting for a cab everyday, take public transport. For  the walkable distance, take the healthy way. 

Dont overdo shopping:
 We always have enough for our self. Control your urge to shop frequently for unwanted stuff. 

Eat out less: 
A traveler is a great planner. Make sure you do every bit to earn your holiday. Give yourself a break from the outside food. Rather switch to homemade healthy food. Anyways your travel will make up for it.